Best Places in Asia to Visit in Spring


The Sultanate of Oman bursts into bloom every March, as the roses that cover Jebel Akhdar (also known as the Green Mountain) begin to flower. Around 90 farms here specialize in the pink shrubs, which are so prized by perfume manufacturers around the world that they’re harvested by hand at dawn.


There’s a reason why this island cluster in the Indian Ocean has become a honeymoon mainstay - it offers year-round temperatures hovering in the low 80s. It rarely suffers from the rain outside monsoon season in November. The best weather, though, is from March to May, when the water is at its calmest and the sky a permanent sapphire-blue.

Tokyo, Japan

Splurge on a long-haul trip to Tokyo, where thousands of cherry trees, or sakura, burst into bloom each spring and mark the end of winter. (April 1 is the start of the academic and financial years in Japan.) There’s a ritual of enjoying the blossoms, known as hanami (literally, ‘looking at flowers’). Ueno Park is popular, but often overcrowded, so try Shinjuku Gyoen as an alternate.

Finest Destination in Africa For Your Spring Vacation


The Maghreb on Africa’s northwestern coast is the region in and around the Atlas Mountains, encompassing swathes of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. The best time to explore this area is in April, with balmy and crisp temperatures hovering in the 70s. Head to Marrakech for the bustling Bab Doukkala market, the enormous Koutoubia Mosque, or just the chance to wander down one of the city’s 3,000 or so alleyways.


Mauritius is one of the only African nations to predominantly practice Hinduism, and the Holi Festival (March 1-2) represents an opportunity for Mauritians and travellers alike to participate in the signature throwing of coloured powder. Two weeks later is the Anniversary of Independence (March 12). This jubilee is a historic occasion celebrated by a variety of exhibitions and festivals.

Useful Tips for Flying (by Plane)

Dress in Layers

Plane temperatures can range from unbearably stuffy and hot to practically Arctic cold. Be prepared for both. Dress in a base layer that you’ll be comfortable hanging out in for the duration of your flight and bring an extra layer or two on top. I like to wear a tank-top as my bottom layer just in case there’s a tarmac delay without air circulation. Socks and a beanie are always helpful to pack in case your flight does end up being surprisingly cold, especially on those early morning flights.

Pack a Reusable Water Bottle

You can’t take water through the security checkpoint, but you can take an empty reusable water bottle. Most airports have water fill-up stations so you can fill a bottle post-security. Drinking lots of water is an important tip for flying because the added elevation and recycled air can result in dehydration. Having a refillable water bottle on your trip will likely come in handy too, and you’ll save money by not having to purchase plastic water bottles every time you’re thirsty.

Move on Your Layovers

Layovers are a great time to stretch, walk around, and do anything but sit to counteract all those hours on the plane. Be sure to locate your next gate and check to confirm your flight is on time before you take a stroll. You can keep an eye on your flight status on monitors located throughout the airport as you walk around. Believe it or not, some airports have indoor gardens, art displays, massage chairs, and even movie theatres. Explore the airport to get your steps in. Your body will thank you later.

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